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Information for Authors

The mission of Yashar Books is to publish quality, popular Orthodox Jewish scholarship that is both
sophisticated and accessible to a general readership. If you have a book or an idea that you think fits our
mission, please contact us. We are always happy to consider new books and author inquiries. However, first
please consider the guidelines below to ensure that your submission is appropriate for Yashar.

Submission Guidelines

We publish books of Jewish scholarship, both traditional and academic, on any issue of contemporary or
scholarly relevance. Some examples are contemporary halakhah, biblical studies, philosophy/Jewish thought,
history of Jewish customs and biographies.

We do not consider technical academic works for publication because they are too specialized for the general
public. We are, however, interested in academic works that can be understood and embraced by non-specialized

We only accept books that are written in English. However, English works with occasional foreign phrases in the
text or footnotes are acceptable.

We only accept submissions that adhere to Orthodox Jewish beliefs, albeit interpreted in as inclusive a manner
as possible.

We do not accept manuscripts of Holocaust memoirs because there are already many excellent books on the
subject. We also do not accept submissions of fiction, memoirs or children’s books.

Authors are encouraged to consult the
Chicago Manual of Style for guidelines on proper English writing.

Hebrew in English Books

Using foreign languages in a primarily English book is acceptable. However, authors should take into account
their intended audience when including foreign languages. How much Hebrew will readers understand? Will you
be excluding potential readers by using too much Hebrew? Will you be diluting your message by using too little?
Every book and every author is different.

Our only guideline on the
transliteration of Hebrew in English is that it be consistent. There are a number of
different systems and the author should use the one most appropriate for his readers.

A Modern Hebrew transliteration would use "ch" to represent the letters "chaf" and "chet" and would only
represent a "dagesh" in the letters "bet" and "kaf."

An Ashkenazic Hebrew transliteration would use the letter "s" to represent a "sav" and might represent the
vowel "kamatz" as an "o."

An Academic Hebrew transliteration would use "h" for a "het," "kh" for a "khaf" as well as other details. For
more information on such a transliteration scheme, you can see online the instructions for the
Torah u-Mada

How to Submit a Manuscript

If you are interested in having us consider your book for publication, please send a brief description of the book,
two sample chapters and a query form that includes the following information:

Send this information to:

Yashar Books
1548 E. 33rd St.
Brooklyn, NY 11234
(718) 951-1254

Yashar Books

The author’s name, title, short biography and any relevant qualifications for writing this book

The book’s intended target audience

A list of previous books on this topic and an explanation of why this book is different