Response to a Critique

A critique of Can the Rebbe be Moshiach? that claims to refute every single of the book's arguments has recently been published online at Before delving into a detailed response, readers are asked to consider the following few points.

1. Have you read the book or are you relying on the critic's summary of the arguments? In many cases the critic misrepresents (or misunderstands) key arguments.

2. Has the context of an argument been changed? For an almost complete chapter the critic has changed the context of the author's arguments from one of refuting proofs to one of proving. This, of course, changes the required burden of proof from merely advancing alternate explanations to making a positive proof.

3. The critic often chastises the author for not creating a proof that is logically and mathematically perfect. This burden of proof is almost impossible to fulfill and is never necessary in real debates. For an argument to be successful it must present the most plausible case. It need not rule out every possible argument that a creative mind may invent for there is no end to the creativity of the human mind. Rather, as long as these new arguments are implausible and unrealistic they pose no serious challenge.

Responses to the Critique
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