Genuine Offer

An anonymous donor has offered to pay for an advertisement in the Jewish Press if 50 Chabad rabbis are willing to place their names under the following statement:

We, the undersigned, assert that there is no place in Judaism for belief in a deceased or resurrected Moshiach. Since the Rebbe zt"l's unfortunate death on Gimmel Tammuz 5754 he is no longer a candidate for Moshiach. We beseech our friends who, understandably, hold on to the belief that the Rebbe is still or can be Moshiach to reevaluate their position and return to what has always been and will always be the traditional Jewish view — Moshiach will be from the living. May the merit of our Torah study and observance bring Moshiach soon.

To volunteer to sign this statement, send an e-mail with your name and title to Pseudonyms are not allowed.

Thank you.