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  Yashar Books
Publishers of Quality Judaic Scholarship
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The Yashar mission is to provide non-technical Orthodox Jewish scholarship and quality popularizations for general readership. This means:

  • cultivating promising books that will be of interest to the reading public;
  • assisting authors in preparing these works for maximum educational impact;
  • printing quality books that reflect the importance of their content;
  • using innovative techniques to distribute and market these books to the widest audiences possible and at prices that are affordable.

 COMING SOON: Forthcoming Books 

Some of the people behind Yashar are:

Rabbi Gil Student — BA from Yeshiva College, private rabbinic ordination, prolific writer and ceaseless reader

Rabbi Moshe Schapiro — BA from Yeshiva College, MS from Azrieli School of Jewish Education, MLS from Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Science, rabbinic ordination from R. Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, popular librarian and demanding scholar

Dana Saltzman — experienced producer of quality books at Jason Aronson Inc. and elsewhere, bibliophile par excellence

Mordechai Schiller — experienced editor, killer copywriter and accomplished publicist & marketer

You can contact Yashar Books at:

     1548 E. 33rd St.
     Brooklyn, NY 11234
 (718) 951-1254
 (718) 228-5150